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NEO & Quality L.L.C. holds all the rights to license every single piece of media listed in the shop of this website. These media include the ones made by this company and the ones licensed to this company bt either Tayf Agency LTD or Calinos Entertainment. As the agreement was made between NEO and Calinos was face-to-face, the agreement is within Calinos HQ. And as such, the e-mails cannot be shared unless Calinos allows.

The agreement between NEO and Tayf, however, was completely digital. We however, are prohibited from sharing the licensing agreement itself. As such, you can find the confirmation document of Tayf Agency LTD. below:

If you have any complaints about any piece of media licensed in this website, please contact us at one of these numbers: +38344147049, +38345972959, +38349598559

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