Karagoz and Hacivat Shadow Games (RIGHTS OF BROADCAST – PER EPISODE BASIS)



The stream/broadcast rights for one episode of the T.V. Series “Karagoz and Hacivat”

The broadcast rights for this series is valid in the following continents/regions:

  • The Balkans
  • Europe
  • Asia (Excluding North Korea and Iraq)
  • The United Kingdom

The rights can range from 5 years to indefinite according to the series’ situation. The amount of episodes that can be streamed per purchase is one. If you want to broadcast more episodes, add more to your cart. After ordering, your payment will NOT proceed until the licensing agreement sent to you is signed. Be sure to enter your E-Mail address as it is the only way of providing the licensing agreement.

This T.V. Series has been licensed to NEO & Quality L.L.C. by Calinos Entertainment.

The trailer can be found here:


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